Fight the Blood Sugar Spikes and Plunges for More Effective Weight Loss

Almost everyone has a mental image of the ultimate level of health. For many people, the less tangible vision of fitness and the one staring back at them from the mirror aren’t exactly the same. Though weight loss is often one of the keys to finding a middle ground between the two, true health involves building a new lifestyle rather than just a different appearance.

If you’re diabetic or on the verge of developing this condition, losing weight tends to be a bit of a different process for you. You’re not alone; in fact, the CDC reports an estimated 29 million people in the United States currently struggle with diabetes and another 86 million fall into the pre-diabetic category. Because you’re forced to watch your blood sugar levels closely and try to keep them relatively even throughout the day, you have to be careful when you diet.

Those same crash diets to which many people resort aren’t healthy for anyone but for you, they could be particularly detrimental. On one end of the spectrum, skipping meals and drastically reducing your daily calorie intake might cause your blood sugar to fall to dangerous lows. From another angle, you have to be particularly wary of meal and snack replacement products. Being advertised as a weight loss product doesn’t necessarily mean it’s low in carbs.

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To put things into perspective, a certain popular diet shake contains 25 grams of carbohydrates. That’s the equivalent of three chocolate chip cookies or a small slice of chocolate cake with frosting. They can cause blood sugar spikes known to actually hamper weight loss efforts. Instead of turning to these types of products to satisfy a sweet tooth and remain weight loss-friendly, you’d need to lean more toward a piece of fruit or other item lying low on the glycemic index.

This is only one of the challenges you’re bound to face as a diabetic or pre-diabetic on your road to losing weight and living a healthier life. By following this and other beneficial tips for a healthier you, you can realize your ideal weight without placing your well-being at risk. In truth, keeping your blood sugar level is one of the secrets to effectively losing weight so you’re already halfway there. It’s just a matter of finding the right foods to foster all your efforts simultaneously.